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Thursday, November 20, 2014

On the Run


Last night I stopped for some groceries at a fairly large store on Central Avenue.  As I was heading in to the store a guy came out running with a backpack.  I mean really running as if he was going to catch a bus!!  Or something else - maybe he was running away from something or someone? He ran clear across the very large parking lot and kept going down the road. He did not head for the bus stop, there is one at the front of the store parking lot.  What I found most intriguing was the fact that no one was running after him.  As I entered the store I looked around expecting to see someone who might be concerned that this guy had just bolted from the store.  Nope.  Nothing. No alarm, no security, no one giving chase.  I'm not sure why he was running, maybe he was just late for an appointment or a very important date. 

Just another day on Central Avenue.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

What are the Chances?

Today I decided to drive up Central Ave. on my lunch hour.  Not a lot of time to shop, but had a couple of errands to take care of.  Traffic can be a little crazy at lunch time, and as we get closer to the holidays it is nightmarish.  Today did not seem too congested, but I did get behind this one car that kind of made me crazy. 

Driving slowly - and I couldn't get around him (I checked).  He would put his blinker on, slow down - and not turn.  This happened a couple of times within a few blocks until I finally did pass him.  While following this particular vehicle I had time to notice the license plate holder and different features of the car and the man driving. 

I motored on and took care of my errands.  Now, returning from Colonie to Albany I decided to take the most direct route which is again Central Avenue.  A bit of traffic and I get behind a car which looks eerily similar to the one that I saw earlier.  Turns on his blinker from the second lane as though he is changing lanes - good - nope - doesn't turn.  Now I'm thinking no way could it be the same person. Driving slowly - seeming to be in a bit of a daze - I look at the plate holder.  Yup - it's the same car, guy, etc. 

So what are the chances of this happening - we are traveling East and were going West before.  Almost an hour difference and he is still driving up and down Central Avenue? Well, so am I!  Guess chances are not that slim. 

Just one of the many perks of driving.