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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This door wasn't on a building on Central Avenue - but I have noticed it a few times on my commute to work.  It is located near an intersection, so I've been wondering about it while stopped at the light each time I see it.  Is it installed upside down? Did the person adding the numbers just add them upside down? My guess is that the door is installed in reverse of what it should be.  I think most doors open right to left? 

I'll never really know but being curious and inquisitive is something that helps me with the boring daily commute to and from work. 

I tried to rotate the photo and the system isn't allowing it - maybe the computer thinks it is upside down also?? 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Central Morning

Driving down "the avenue" this morning I the silhouette of the buildings against the cloudy sky.  There was the shadow of the sun behind the clouds which accented the skyline.  It was a frigid night and morning - 10 degrees when I was driving in to work.  The only thing visible on most people were their eyes - hats pulled down, scarves wrapped around their faces, heavy boots and coats and gloves.  Here in the Northeast we don't really get the cold temps that you might encounter in Minnesota or the Dakotas, but we suffer when the temps drop below zero.  It rarely lasts for very long and the temps are supposed to moderate by the weekend, and everyone seems to be talking about the "deep freeze". 

Back to the skyline - Albany has many interesting buildings with distinct architectural features.  I walk a lot in the city for exercise and I seem to notice some new building or roof top detail, or a stained glass window, or piece of ironwork that I had not seen before.  Next time you drive thru or walk around the city - look around.  It can be interesting and there is so much history worth taking a look at.