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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Floppy Ears

Today while stopped at a red light on "the Avenue" I spotted a woman in the car next to me who had one of those stretched ear lobes. I could only see her left side and it was a pretty big hole. In her right hand was a cell phone being held up to her right ear. You can get a ticket for talking on a handheld device in NYS. I wondered if she had the phone on that side because the earlobe stretching was affecting her hearing? Joke. It could make it hard to hold a phone to your ear. I don't know. 

For the record, I have pierced ears. Two holes in each ear, and my lobes are slightly droopy because of the years of wearing long dangly earrings. So, why would I go to all that trouble to stretch my ear lobes when just wearing earrings will do it for me? I don't understand the purpose of stretching ones ear lobes, but to each his/her own. Mine would flap too much while swimming, biking, and running if I did that, kind of like my hound dog.

Enjoy your day, and let's hope Spring comes forth soon.