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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tattered Awnings

I think it is just because I've been busy watching the traffic that I haven't posted any sightings lately. Summer is a busy time on Central Avenue - more pedestrian traffic as well as more crazy drivers. I was narrowly missed driving home the other day by an erratic driver who cut in between me and several other cars. Not my favorite time of year for commuting up and down Central Avenue.

I was stopped at a traffic light and spotted this building with the tattered awnings. It is sad to see the blight throughout the city of Albany. On almost any corner you can find dilapidated buildings. Boarded up, run down, abandoned - some still occupied. It is unfortunate to see since there was a time when these buildings were quite stately.

I spotted this hawk on my lunch time walk around the city of Albany. It was perched on a light pole over Hawk Street.  No kidding!!!

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